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Using a fashion tape measure, please follow the directions or watch our video below to measure yourself. Click here to download a printable tape measure.

1. WAIST : Measure around your smallest point or at the height high waisted pants would be at. It is typically at your belly button. Not too snug, not too loose.

2. HIP : Measure around the widest point of your butt & hip. Make sure to keep the tape measure as horizontal as you can.


3. THIGH : Measure around the widest part of one thigh, typically 1" below the crotch point.


4. INSEAM : Measure straight down the inside of one leg from the crotch point to the ankle bone.

Input your measurements into Goldie below to find jeans that are "just right" for you.

4 Lines R1.png


Between inconsistent sizes, varying fits, and time-consuming try-ons, jean shopping is an ordeal for most women. On top of that, online shopping exacerbates the nightmare. While it’s easy to shop and buy something in one click, figuring out your size is a multi-step guessing game. And even then, you don't know if it’ll fit right without trying it on. ​

We’re a team of Rice University MBA students who co-founded Goldie from a love of fashion and a fear of jean shopping. We hope you join our journey to create a better fit finder.

-  The Goldie Team

Viviane, Stephanie, & Samantha

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